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・゚ヴィーヴィ ・비비゚・
01 November 2019 @ 03:23 pm

comment to be added.

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・゚ヴィーヴィ ・비비゚・
01 November 2019 @ 12:01 am
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・゚ヴィーヴィ ・비비゚・
13 June 2010 @ 09:08 pm
attention, please!
I desperately need your help T_______T

So. Our internationality club has to finish the exhibition project. To fully finish it, we need more comments. We have to collect at least 10 comments each to reach the goal and I thought it would be great if you guys attended in this~

All you need to do is to finish the sentence "Human is..."!
Please! I beg you T_____T

The sentences will be published @ our website human-is.net with your nickname (let me know if you want to use a different one!).

We might have a change for the trit to Japan we've planned for a year after finishing this. So, it's pretty important to us~ That's why I'm begging you this much. lol it only sounds pathetic, eh? :DDD
・゚ヴィーヴィ ・비비゚・
29 May 2010 @ 12:27 am
01. Compose a list of YOUR top ten favorite famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag five people to do the same.

Hmmmmm. First I could think of only 6 guys but later I was like "oh! I forgot him and him and..." and then the names kept popping into my so to avoid deciding between hot men I just stopped in the 10th name I thought and that's it.
And that means this list would be much different if I made it tomorrow.
Listing these cool boys was hard.

I tag everyone who has spare time.

To the meme!

top 10 famous menCollapse )

Tomorrow is orchestra's AND dance group's final rehearsals before the spring concert/show. Both happenings are on Sunday, dance show at 1pm and concert at 3pm..... gggg let's see will I make it to the concert.

I bought a denim jumpsuit today and it's cute and I'm happy.♥
I feel a little sick tho which is no good because next week is fun. :(
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・゚ヴィーヴィ ・비비゚・
Easter holidays are over. I feel like there was no vacation at all.. So tired T_____T

Soooo I were at cousins' place from Thursday till Sunday. We burned down a traditional Eastern bonfire and shopped on Saturday. The highlights of those 4 days.
On Sunday night I went to friends' joint sweet sixteen slumber party. It was fun ♥ But we stayed up until 5am (well at least I did) and that was not a good idea.


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off to listen Rain's Love song, watching Personal taste and writing English project & kv-club's project. angst don't want the last ones.
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